Tuesday, January 21, 2014

winter picnic

                   dress: thrifted, tights: gift, sweater: h&m, shoes: topshop, pin: mishka

"haha you look like a picnic table" - my peers

i got a tripod!! these photos may be a little awkward until i get the hang of it! my sweater is very sparkly irl, and less shear, but it didn't photograph right :c. = i have been having a very stressful week, finals and whatnot, so i may not post as much! but at the end of this week i am going to get my hair dyed and my bangs cut (yay i have been in a hair rut), hang out with my bfffff, and then i start a new semester with english class and a ton of outfit bloggin'!! i am so excited.
here is a dorky photobooth pic of my ringzzzz + close up of my mishka pin


  1. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!! sorry weird comment but seriously love everything you've posted so far. I'm obsessed with eyeballs so I love your pin xx



    1. aw c: thanks so much!!!! thats so nice!! i really like your blog btw c:

  2. Just discovered your blog, and I'm in love! This outfit here is probably my fav (so far) but I really love all of your outfits. They are super groovy!