Saturday, January 18, 2014

granny takes a trip

~mostly an inspiration post~

Here is the dress in full- I will alter it v soon!!!! 

this photo turned out kinda really awkward. dress- thrifted, shoes- gifted

Today I dressed like a psychedelic grandma! I found this dress junk shopping for like $15, it is way too big for me so I am for sure going to alter it soon, fix a tear, hem it and maybe add some ruffles to the sleeves. It also doubled as a dress for a school project on Morocco I presented today- the shape is somewhat similar to what moroccans wear.
this outfit took no coordination, but I wanted to post something today, and this is mostly an inspiration post anyways. 

A lot of inspiration lately: Granny Takes  A Trip. An amazing boutique that existed in London in the 1960's - 70's, they had the coolest clothes ever, and a ton of bands shopped there- Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Small Faces, The Rolling Stones, and a lot more. their dresses are to die for omg, and they had the best boots in the whole universe.

 ~these boots r a dream~ they remind me of some meadham kirchhoff did for topshop

some more of their cool stuff:

For christmas I got a big book about london's boutique fashion in the 60's from my cousin's girlfriend (she is really nice!!!), and I really have been getting more into these kinds of patterns, I never used to like them very much, also I have been listening to more music like this as well. i just like the way that they would take old clothes and warp them into something new and different, and I love the way fashion + music go hand in hand, I find it very inspiring. When i am older I want to be able to do something like that, combining music and fashion to create a new movement- like what Vivienne Westwood did for punk. 

I am also excited because I start a new semester in a week and I will have english again! Also I am going to get back all of the jewelry I made in my metal smithing class too, maybe I will make a post on it!!

Here is a song I was listening to today! it has been stuck in my head and fits the theme c:

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