Monday, February 10, 2014

space girl

dress: vintage, shoes: topshop, adidas long jacket: my mom (she got it in japan in like 2004)

Please ignore my messy room! In the process of cleaning and rearranging right now.
I was feeling futuristic; I love this jacket so much, the picture doesn't quite capture its shape. I kind of love mixing sportswear with dresses, I feel it can look really fresh at times. I found this dress this weekend and it reminds me of the ones girls would wear at Tomorrowland in the 60s.

I love the way people have had this concept of the future throughout time, and retro-futurism as a whole. Especially futuristic clothing in the 50s and 60s, super silver, with really sleek silhouettes, sometimes crazy head bubbles, and usually some amazing hair-do or pair of glasses. It is amazing to me that people thought this was the future of clothing, furniture, etc and the great affect it had on the present styles of everything! If we stop dreaming of the future it will lead to a stagnation of style now. I think sometimes I focus a little bit too much on the past of fashion- a lot of my inspiration comes from the 60s, especially right now, and I should keep in mind that what made the 60s so cool was a focus on the future and creative innovation.

So many abstract head things.

In other news ~and sorry for the ramble~ I got my gold boots in the mail today after school!!! I am so excited to wear them tomorrow. I will make a post for sure! This weekend other than shopping I also made a lot of stuff for my shop and myself--

pastel spider sweater/collar clips! I also made flies!!!

a Bill Haverchuck pin!


and some choker necklaces; one with hearts and one with daisies!

 Other than that I have been watching Daria NONSTOP. You think I am exaggerating? Nope, sadly I watched 5 seasons in THREE days. I am ashamed. I just had it playing in the background, which is still bad but slightly better I think? RIGHT? I need to take a break from the computer- I am going to go finish The Bell Jar. 

To end here are some amazing other-wordly sounds to fit the space theme... this entire album is absolutely genius. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

head in the clouds

sweater: thrift shop, mint dress: vintage on etsy, tights DIY, shoes: juju, socks: h&m

My brain has been in a cloud as of late so I wanted to dress like I was in a pretty pastel cloud instead of just being at school. Nothing cheers me up more than feeling like cotton candy~ 

dreamy cloud photos that I wanted to look like~~~

I glued googly eyes all over a pair of tights and whenever I walked they made noises so I felt like Diamond Back from Luxury Comedy all day, which made me smile.

 I think pastels look especially great in the winter they stand out with the snow and make me feel frostyyyyyy, I am so happy I can wear pastels again!!! They just didn't work with the kelly green hair I had before the gray. 

 My socks are pink with little clouds on them, they represent my current headspace. I got them at H&M and they are for three year olds, and they miraculously fit my giant size 10 feet!!!
 Here is a close up of the googly eyes that are on my tights! They are reminiscent of Meadham Kirchhoff eyes to me c: There were a few eye casualties throughout the day but suprisingly they held together really well
 Here is a shot of my lavender cockroach earrings and my dollar store barrettes that break if you look at them c:

Also I got some really cute revlon nail polish with moons and stars!! GET IT MY HEAD IS IN SPACE YOU GUYSSSSSSS omgitissohardtowriterightnowimsosorry.

here are some shots from the music video for "Baby's on Fire" where pastel is masterfully used, and Yo-landi's makeup is amazing, it makes me wanna wear my silver lipstick (and also look like Yo-landi c: ).

Die Antwoord is genius as usual, you should watch the whole video (and all their other vids for that matter they are legitimate creative geniuses) I will put a link at the bottom. it is ~amazzinng~ plus the song is super fun to dance to and v catchy.

Also I want to do a shout out to Marlena, the queen of pastels (and also I think she coined the term "pastel puke" w her beautiful zine which is amazing)

I am going to go drink some orange juice and do all my homework and hope I really do not get any sicker bc I have so much to do this week :c

Saturday, February 1, 2014

queen of the mods

I wore this outfit to school Friday!! I felt like a mod. I have been kind of behind on posts lately- when I get home I am really lazy and bc of my new classes I have had a lot of homework.. so I am doing two posts this weekend of outfits I wore this week! I didn't post these on Friday bc I was unhappy with how the photos turned out- and I originally planned to wear them with my checkered tights which I couldn't find that morning. 

I have a (weird) photo of this outfit from when I planned it though!! Sometimes at night when I am procrastinating I try out new outfits... instead of doing homework. I then keep them in mind when getting dressed later.. I am not the only one that does that right?? Anyways I like the contrast of the checkers, but I also like the classic mod style of white tights too.
 Heres a neat picture of my hand drawings I found. Drivers ed was boring me to death.

~60s action pose~

My shoes are topshop, I had been looking for Rosemary's baby black mary janes FOREVER. I finally found some when I got to go to Topshop in Las Vegas. My tights are from target (white tights are actually hard to find though I have never seent hem there before), my dress is from my mom who I think got it at a site called therustyzipper, and my blouse is from american apparel, left over from my days of debate (I loved wearing debate outfits tbh). 

I have been really into the 60's for a very long time (since the eighth grade at least), I just love all of the clothes and movements of that time.

And I could post a million more photos bc good photos of 60s clothes are infinite. Instead, here are some of my favorite 60s centric tumblogs which I probably got these photos from anyways: 60sgirl , 60sfangirl,granny -takes-a-trip, modrules. These are all pretty much entirely focused on the 60s/mods/psychadelic scene, but there are so many other great ones!!

Also I am going to post some scans of all my catalogues from the 60s eventually- some of the things are so amazing!!!

Oh, and I got my ring that I made back because the class ended!! I made it from scratch- designed it, sawed it, soldered it, and polished it! The stone is a black druzy my awesome teacher got for me, and the ring is silver. I made it in a triangle because I want it to represent all the good energy I want to beam in, if that makes any sense. c: The stone is really sparkly in person!! I am so grateful that I got to take a jewelry class, I really enjoy it a lot. 

And just for fun heres Vince Noir (aka King of the Mods) and the Mod Wolves:

I will be posting my outfit from Thursday in a little while- some time this week for sure!! c: