Monday, June 30, 2014

"my grandma didn't even show up"

Tiana's work at the show!!! Her stuff is amazing, I love her still lifes. 

 one of her rad still lifes she did

The dress I wore in the photo a little closer- it was thrifted. I was up super late in the computer lab workin' on my stuff.

A polaroid of me that a kid named Julian used in his installation! I have a larger photo but idk if I should post it since idrk him very much??

πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ art museums πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

At SAIC we got passes into all the art museums for free!!! It was a dream c: I saw the GIANT RenΓ© Magritte show and it was fantastical, no photos were allowed, and I didn't have my camera anyways. I did buy a big book of postcards and another book of surrealist party games! Then we went as a class to see some Frida Kahlo and her contemporaries at the MCA. Frida is a massive inspiration to me, and they had some other really amazing works about gender in society. I have seen Frida's work in person before, and its level of detail always amazes me.

I don't know why but I didn't take photos of that exhibit, but I took some of Isa Genzken's art. It is found art- and I am not too sure if I am on board with it really, but i must say she has an eye for color for sure. Also, I took some selfies c:

 the modern art of the selfie

🌺🌿🌳 big sky looking down on all the people 🌺🌿🌳

shirt: Hollywood Mirror, skirt: American Apparel (on super sale!) shoes: Payless

Tiana and I went to Millenium park to draw and hang out and she took a photo of my outfit c:


I thought these stues were super cool, they were like an optical illusion.

a tiny photo journal

sorry i am such a busy (lazy) blogger lately


I went to SAIC's ECP in Chicago for fashion illustration!!!! That's where I have been for pretty much the past month- I am sad my outfits didn't really get photographed directly, I was really busy with a lot of homework! I am going to do a little photo journal thing of it in this post. I do actually have a lot of photos of me and my friends though.

Heres some pics of my outfits first! Some were taken by my friend Emma, some by me, and the professional looking ones by the awesome Tiana.

Me and Sam and Emma who I will miss very much :c

Me and Emma took mirror selfies almost every day! I miss everyone so much :c

Tiana (who did photography, duh) took these awesome pics! I got this dress thriftin' there too.

Me and Mark hanging our fashion illustrations on the last day (MYYY BEEEEAAANNSSS) Mine ar ethe ones mounted on white which I may or may not post. 

I wore these on the last day- found at a messy and creepy fabric store, along with baby doll heads and arms (too be seen in later DIYS I assure you).

 Us on the last night after the show, I wore my silver mini dress.

Me and all the fashion kids and our amazing teachers Annie and Chiara! I love you all and this has been one of the best experiences of my life c: I will never forget this amazing two weeks, all I learned,  and all of the friends I made from around the world. c':

I will post some individual outfit posts fromt the trip next


These are some photos from about a month ago when I went to Third Man ( AKA JACK WHITE'S RECORD LABEL in Nashville). It is dreamy (especially if you are an extreme Tesla dork like me).

Dress- thrifted in Nashville, I match third man's color scheme!

In the store front: crop top- wet seal i think (ew), skirt (actually a dress) jc penny, shoes juju jellys