Thursday, March 27, 2014

can't claim to care

I got my cloud skirt and shirt from the amazing ROMWE (sorry it is sold out), tights forver 21, shoes JuJu, socks (?)

 Ugh please excuse my hair/face... I took these at 6am. My bangs are ridiculous lately! Also I need to get some eyebrow powder asap. I haven't been posting much, synchro is draining my life force currently, and I have been behind on everything.

I wish I got a better pic of my makeup, I used makeup-forever's hot pink in my inner corners and the usual giant black wings.

When I tried it out in my pajamas a while back c:

 notebook paper socks

In other news I ordered Mac Demarco's "Salad Days" deluxe box set!!! I am so pumped, it ships out April 1st! He is all I have been listening to recently. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

twitchy witch

 shoes: payless, crinoline (?), tights: old idk, shirt: daizylemonade

This collar is the best!!! I really want a green fuzzy sweater to wear it with.. I will be scouring etsy. 

I wore it with my Murakami pin and dollar store fly ring

Ugh I should be attacking the mountain of homework I have.. but I would rather search etsy for fur coats and psychedelic dresses sooo......  

In the couple weeks I didn't blog, (before the major stress week) some cool stuff that I forgot to mention!!!

•I went rollerskating w my bestieeeeee (we both fell a lot) and we made a cool cake
• I went to a Together Pangea Concert (and took an awkward photo with Danny)
• I started synchro!!
• I made a couple scrunchies (hey it is a start)
• I made some patches and pins for my store!
• Got some new clothes!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

fluorescent lamb

 dress: Daizylemonade on etsy, tights: forever 21 (?), jacket: thrifted, boots:

I think I will stick with this background.

 I got this amazing dress technically FOR FREE!! Buy one get one!!! c: from the super cool Daizylemonade who also has an amazing tumblr by the same name.
 The black and white pins of Mark Mothersbaugh's art, and the eyeball pin were given to me by my dad, and the green pin is thrifted of Bart Simpson. My lil embroidery I did out of boredom says "still ill"

On the other side I have a vintage deery pin and an eyeball pin I made


I feel like Noel Fielding.

*high fives self for perfectly matched tights tho*

I could only remember the beginning chords and screaming, ahhhhhh man. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

cadaver legs

 dress (worn as skirt): nannette lepore for jcpenny, shirt: american apparel, tights: h&m or forever 21, shoes: topshop, lipstick: dollar store (I forget the brand)
my face is weird idek

sorry for the lack of posting! I just started synchro, and once I get home I am usually in pajamas with gross wet hair. I have been so stressed, a lot of assignments, a lack of social interaction I haven't been able to post anything I have worn!!!! :c I will be catching up this weekend.

i am happy to start synchro, i get to work out and be creative at once!! i really want my team to swim to Wendy Carlos (she did the synthesized orchestra music in A Clockwork Orange), but as usual my team will probably ignore me- i think we will be swimming to a dubstep version of Alice In Wonderland mixed with Britney Spears so yeah :(

this song is me right now.

hahaha my mom said my legs look like that of a cadaver in these tights.