Thursday, March 27, 2014

can't claim to care

I got my cloud skirt and shirt from the amazing ROMWE (sorry it is sold out), tights forver 21, shoes JuJu, socks (?)

 Ugh please excuse my hair/face... I took these at 6am. My bangs are ridiculous lately! Also I need to get some eyebrow powder asap. I haven't been posting much, synchro is draining my life force currently, and I have been behind on everything.

I wish I got a better pic of my makeup, I used makeup-forever's hot pink in my inner corners and the usual giant black wings.

When I tried it out in my pajamas a while back c:

 notebook paper socks

In other news I ordered Mac Demarco's "Salad Days" deluxe box set!!! I am so pumped, it ships out April 1st! He is all I have been listening to recently. 


  1. you are quite possibly the cutest person alive!!!

  2. The outfit is absolutely wonderful! ! Love the socks and jellies! !

  3. Love your eye make up and notebook socks!I am so jealous of your cloud and skirt combo! Ceedling has the same one i think ughh! Lol Your bangs kinda remind me of Yu-Gi-Oh. AHHH I listened to Salad Days like 3 times in a row. Passing Out the Pieces has been on repeat for me! This i know someone who got to see Mac Demarco live for $7!