Friday, March 7, 2014

cadaver legs

 dress (worn as skirt): nannette lepore for jcpenny, shirt: american apparel, tights: h&m or forever 21, shoes: topshop, lipstick: dollar store (I forget the brand)
my face is weird idek

sorry for the lack of posting! I just started synchro, and once I get home I am usually in pajamas with gross wet hair. I have been so stressed, a lot of assignments, a lack of social interaction I haven't been able to post anything I have worn!!!! :c I will be catching up this weekend.

i am happy to start synchro, i get to work out and be creative at once!! i really want my team to swim to Wendy Carlos (she did the synthesized orchestra music in A Clockwork Orange), but as usual my team will probably ignore me- i think we will be swimming to a dubstep version of Alice In Wonderland mixed with Britney Spears so yeah :(

this song is me right now.

hahaha my mom said my legs look like that of a cadaver in these tights.

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