Monday, March 10, 2014

twitchy witch

 shoes: payless, crinoline (?), tights: old idk, shirt: daizylemonade

This collar is the best!!! I really want a green fuzzy sweater to wear it with.. I will be scouring etsy. 

I wore it with my Murakami pin and dollar store fly ring

Ugh I should be attacking the mountain of homework I have.. but I would rather search etsy for fur coats and psychedelic dresses sooo......  

In the couple weeks I didn't blog, (before the major stress week) some cool stuff that I forgot to mention!!!

•I went rollerskating w my bestieeeeee (we both fell a lot) and we made a cool cake
• I went to a Together Pangea Concert (and took an awkward photo with Danny)
• I started synchro!!
• I made a couple scrunchies (hey it is a start)
• I made some patches and pins for my store!
• Got some new clothes!!!

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  1. you look great! I'm also a fan of T. Rex, I have is album Electric Warrior on vinyl. Sounds like you had fun! Rollerskating is so fun! I'd love to see what you are selling on etsy.