Wednesday, January 29, 2014

lunar camel

                  shirt: vintage- it was my moms, skirt: thrifted, shoes: payless

This is sort of a low-key outfit, i had finals all day (they pushed em back bc of snow days :c). But, thanks to the snow days i got to go junk shopping with my mom! I went to Goodwill and my favorite surplus store, plus some craft stores earlier in the weekend.

My teacher said she got to see Siouxsie and the Banshees live TWICE!!! I will probably do a whole post of appreciation for everything Siouxsie soon.
I made myself a plastic bat necklace!! I had a lot of bats left over from halloween.

It glows in the dark (like my nails atm) sorry for the bad quality (there was no flash..)

I went a little bit crazy, good thing everything at Goodwill and the Surplus store is around $1. 

I am a sucker for stickers, and puffy planetary stickers? Forget about it. I am going to go cover everything in a million stickers, 5 year old style. 

 mini dinos!! I am going to make some earrings from them!

AND TA-DA!!! IT IS A SWITCHBLADE COMB!! perfect for my bangs and only $1 c:

I am addicted to cheesy aliens. I may have a problem.

A mega rad Clockwork Orange-esque mini Ludwig Van bust!!! 99 cents. Perfect for the top of my record player while I play the Clockwork Orange soundtrack (it is so good). I am going to make a mold of this and hopefully cast some more of them- I figure it is a pretty cool thing that I can learn to cast with c:

Also: (wow this feels long) I have been crafting like a madwoman lately! Other than the necklace I made some more cockroach earrings (as seen in my last post) and some tights. 

Too bad all of this crafting has left my room in a whirlwind of paint, stickers, and beads that hurt when I step on them. Oh, and you can buy some of my earrings for yourself, if you want, here.

I will leave you with one of my favorite songs by Siouxsie and the Banshees (the title is also a great Siousxie song) :

Saturday, January 25, 2014

slice me a bone of the universe

  dress: vintage through etsy (it matches me hair exactly)

 I got my hair dyed!! The really awesome hair dresser I go to, Lucia, mixed the gray herself c: It is so silvery in photos!! My friend cut my bangs, I think she did a very nice job! I am growing them out to do alien bangs (I have a very small forehead).
                            Ahhhhh I CANNOT WAIT!!! Grow faster bangs!

I made myself some glittery lavender plastic cockroach earrings!! they match my nails!!  these will be up at my store soon.. I need to buy more fake cockroaches.

I also wore my Noel Fielding pin, and I made some new hair clips today!

This one was jeremy scott inspired.

They are all hair clips!! The letters are 3d c: I also made a 'wat kyk jy' one (from die antwoord) but I didn't take a picture of it. These are all at my store now.

I have been listening to T. Rex's Dandy In The Underworld all day, and the title is a lyric from Jason B Sad. I am in a futuristic funk mood c:


I love Marc Bolan.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

winter picnic

                   dress: thrifted, tights: gift, sweater: h&m, shoes: topshop, pin: mishka

"haha you look like a picnic table" - my peers

i got a tripod!! these photos may be a little awkward until i get the hang of it! my sweater is very sparkly irl, and less shear, but it didn't photograph right :c. = i have been having a very stressful week, finals and whatnot, so i may not post as much! but at the end of this week i am going to get my hair dyed and my bangs cut (yay i have been in a hair rut), hang out with my bfffff, and then i start a new semester with english class and a ton of outfit bloggin'!! i am so excited.
here is a dorky photobooth pic of my ringzzzz + close up of my mishka pin

Saturday, January 18, 2014

granny takes a trip

~mostly an inspiration post~

Here is the dress in full- I will alter it v soon!!!! 

this photo turned out kinda really awkward. dress- thrifted, shoes- gifted

Today I dressed like a psychedelic grandma! I found this dress junk shopping for like $15, it is way too big for me so I am for sure going to alter it soon, fix a tear, hem it and maybe add some ruffles to the sleeves. It also doubled as a dress for a school project on Morocco I presented today- the shape is somewhat similar to what moroccans wear.
this outfit took no coordination, but I wanted to post something today, and this is mostly an inspiration post anyways. 

A lot of inspiration lately: Granny Takes  A Trip. An amazing boutique that existed in London in the 1960's - 70's, they had the coolest clothes ever, and a ton of bands shopped there- Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Small Faces, The Rolling Stones, and a lot more. their dresses are to die for omg, and they had the best boots in the whole universe.

 ~these boots r a dream~ they remind me of some meadham kirchhoff did for topshop

some more of their cool stuff:

For christmas I got a big book about london's boutique fashion in the 60's from my cousin's girlfriend (she is really nice!!!), and I really have been getting more into these kinds of patterns, I never used to like them very much, also I have been listening to more music like this as well. i just like the way that they would take old clothes and warp them into something new and different, and I love the way fashion + music go hand in hand, I find it very inspiring. When i am older I want to be able to do something like that, combining music and fashion to create a new movement- like what Vivienne Westwood did for punk. 

I am also excited because I start a new semester in a week and I will have english again! Also I am going to get back all of the jewelry I made in my metal smithing class too, maybe I will make a post on it!!

Here is a song I was listening to today! it has been stuck in my head and fits the theme c:

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

put on a gown that touches the ground ft meadham kirchhoff

EEEEEE!!! i wore my meadham kirchhoff topshop dress for the first time today!! i got it for xmas! i am so happy with it it is the best dress ever c:

socks: forever 21, shoes: topshop (thanks to a mega black friday sale) hair: awkwardly in between curly and straight all day c:

at lunch time someone asked me if i was amish today!! hahaha, but in a way i do feel a bit like rachel from electrick children with the length of it (although she was mormon, not amish) it is one of the longest dresses i own though.

it was hard to find full shots of her dress, but i really recommend the movie anyways, it is amazingly fantastical and beautiful and sweet, and not to mention brilliantly shot and performed. 

i have also had Pink Floyd's "See Emily Play" stuck in my head ALL day, I have been on a real Syd Barrett kick i cant get enough of him omg

"put on a gown that touches the ground"

and speaking of my current obsession with Syd Barrett, I ordered some gold chelsea boots!!!! I usedmy xmas/bday money from my grandma and all of my accumulated change c:
aren't they beautiful???!!! i found them here I AM SO EXCITED FOR THEM!! they also remind me of noel fieldings which is a super bonus, i have planned a bunch of outfits to go with them already c: it was a pretty good day!!

disco alien girl

dress: vintage, bustier top: h&m
I decided to dress like a disco alien babe!! i wore this on monday! my hair is still a tad green so it works perfectly! I finally found this AMAZING sequin bra at h&m (I WENT TO FOUR STORES!!). It is a bustier with holographic sequins, and it was on sale!! My boobs look like mirror balls. I wore glitter on my cheeks and piled on all of my glittery things to feel extra otherworldly (haha). I am finally starting to tease my hair now that I have bangs!

 socks: h&m, tights: american apparel, shoes: juju jellies

some of my inspiration for this outfit:

hello everyone!!!

This is my first post to this blog!! I am Ava.  I am a junior in high school. I love clothes, makeup, music, the 60's, meadham kirchhoff, jeremy scott, Vivienne Westwood, Commes Des Garcon, psychedelic prints, colors, glitter, stickers, making pins and patches, and I am currently learning how to sew! I want to work in the fashion industry someday, hopefully as a designer, writer, or stylist. I run an etsy store with a friend called radbones, we sell pins, patches, accessories, and maybe clothes one day!!