Wednesday, January 15, 2014

put on a gown that touches the ground ft meadham kirchhoff

EEEEEE!!! i wore my meadham kirchhoff topshop dress for the first time today!! i got it for xmas! i am so happy with it it is the best dress ever c:

socks: forever 21, shoes: topshop (thanks to a mega black friday sale) hair: awkwardly in between curly and straight all day c:

at lunch time someone asked me if i was amish today!! hahaha, but in a way i do feel a bit like rachel from electrick children with the length of it (although she was mormon, not amish) it is one of the longest dresses i own though.

it was hard to find full shots of her dress, but i really recommend the movie anyways, it is amazingly fantastical and beautiful and sweet, and not to mention brilliantly shot and performed. 

i have also had Pink Floyd's "See Emily Play" stuck in my head ALL day, I have been on a real Syd Barrett kick i cant get enough of him omg

"put on a gown that touches the ground"

and speaking of my current obsession with Syd Barrett, I ordered some gold chelsea boots!!!! I usedmy xmas/bday money from my grandma and all of my accumulated change c:
aren't they beautiful???!!! i found them here I AM SO EXCITED FOR THEM!! they also remind me of noel fieldings which is a super bonus, i have planned a bunch of outfits to go with them already c: it was a pretty good day!!

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