Saturday, January 25, 2014

slice me a bone of the universe

  dress: vintage through etsy (it matches me hair exactly)

 I got my hair dyed!! The really awesome hair dresser I go to, Lucia, mixed the gray herself c: It is so silvery in photos!! My friend cut my bangs, I think she did a very nice job! I am growing them out to do alien bangs (I have a very small forehead).
                            Ahhhhh I CANNOT WAIT!!! Grow faster bangs!

I made myself some glittery lavender plastic cockroach earrings!! they match my nails!!  these will be up at my store soon.. I need to buy more fake cockroaches.

I also wore my Noel Fielding pin, and I made some new hair clips today!

This one was jeremy scott inspired.

They are all hair clips!! The letters are 3d c: I also made a 'wat kyk jy' one (from die antwoord) but I didn't take a picture of it. These are all at my store now.

I have been listening to T. Rex's Dandy In The Underworld all day, and the title is a lyric from Jason B Sad. I am in a futuristic funk mood c:


I love Marc Bolan.

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