Monday, February 10, 2014

space girl

dress: vintage, shoes: topshop, adidas long jacket: my mom (she got it in japan in like 2004)

Please ignore my messy room! In the process of cleaning and rearranging right now.
I was feeling futuristic; I love this jacket so much, the picture doesn't quite capture its shape. I kind of love mixing sportswear with dresses, I feel it can look really fresh at times. I found this dress this weekend and it reminds me of the ones girls would wear at Tomorrowland in the 60s.

I love the way people have had this concept of the future throughout time, and retro-futurism as a whole. Especially futuristic clothing in the 50s and 60s, super silver, with really sleek silhouettes, sometimes crazy head bubbles, and usually some amazing hair-do or pair of glasses. It is amazing to me that people thought this was the future of clothing, furniture, etc and the great affect it had on the present styles of everything! If we stop dreaming of the future it will lead to a stagnation of style now. I think sometimes I focus a little bit too much on the past of fashion- a lot of my inspiration comes from the 60s, especially right now, and I should keep in mind that what made the 60s so cool was a focus on the future and creative innovation.

So many abstract head things.

In other news ~and sorry for the ramble~ I got my gold boots in the mail today after school!!! I am so excited to wear them tomorrow. I will make a post for sure! This weekend other than shopping I also made a lot of stuff for my shop and myself--

pastel spider sweater/collar clips! I also made flies!!!

a Bill Haverchuck pin!


and some choker necklaces; one with hearts and one with daisies!

 Other than that I have been watching Daria NONSTOP. You think I am exaggerating? Nope, sadly I watched 5 seasons in THREE days. I am ashamed. I just had it playing in the background, which is still bad but slightly better I think? RIGHT? I need to take a break from the computer- I am going to go finish The Bell Jar. 

To end here are some amazing other-wordly sounds to fit the space theme... this entire album is absolutely genius. 


  1. I think your totally right about the dresses- sportswear vibes
    Also Daria is the best and your pins are the greatest <3

    1. aw thanks! Daria is amazing c: if you have any suggestions for pins you should tell me and i can make them!! c:

  2. Obsessed with this outfit! I'd kill to have one of those moon space helmets. Daria is one of my favorite? shows. Omg could you make a sick sad world pin? Great post! ♥