Saturday, February 1, 2014

queen of the mods

I wore this outfit to school Friday!! I felt like a mod. I have been kind of behind on posts lately- when I get home I am really lazy and bc of my new classes I have had a lot of homework.. so I am doing two posts this weekend of outfits I wore this week! I didn't post these on Friday bc I was unhappy with how the photos turned out- and I originally planned to wear them with my checkered tights which I couldn't find that morning. 

I have a (weird) photo of this outfit from when I planned it though!! Sometimes at night when I am procrastinating I try out new outfits... instead of doing homework. I then keep them in mind when getting dressed later.. I am not the only one that does that right?? Anyways I like the contrast of the checkers, but I also like the classic mod style of white tights too.
 Heres a neat picture of my hand drawings I found. Drivers ed was boring me to death.

~60s action pose~

My shoes are topshop, I had been looking for Rosemary's baby black mary janes FOREVER. I finally found some when I got to go to Topshop in Las Vegas. My tights are from target (white tights are actually hard to find though I have never seent hem there before), my dress is from my mom who I think got it at a site called therustyzipper, and my blouse is from american apparel, left over from my days of debate (I loved wearing debate outfits tbh). 

I have been really into the 60's for a very long time (since the eighth grade at least), I just love all of the clothes and movements of that time.

And I could post a million more photos bc good photos of 60s clothes are infinite. Instead, here are some of my favorite 60s centric tumblogs which I probably got these photos from anyways: 60sgirl , 60sfangirl,granny -takes-a-trip, modrules. These are all pretty much entirely focused on the 60s/mods/psychadelic scene, but there are so many other great ones!!

Also I am going to post some scans of all my catalogues from the 60s eventually- some of the things are so amazing!!!

Oh, and I got my ring that I made back because the class ended!! I made it from scratch- designed it, sawed it, soldered it, and polished it! The stone is a black druzy my awesome teacher got for me, and the ring is silver. I made it in a triangle because I want it to represent all the good energy I want to beam in, if that makes any sense. c: The stone is really sparkly in person!! I am so grateful that I got to take a jewelry class, I really enjoy it a lot. 

And just for fun heres Vince Noir (aka King of the Mods) and the Mod Wolves:

I will be posting my outfit from Thursday in a little while- some time this week for sure!! c: 

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  1. when in the world is the board of education gonna make outfit planning a class? (ill be so happy that day) im so in love with your outfit! im also a fan of vince and the mighty boosh! love the photos too! ♥