Monday, February 3, 2014

head in the clouds

sweater: thrift shop, mint dress: vintage on etsy, tights DIY, shoes: juju, socks: h&m

My brain has been in a cloud as of late so I wanted to dress like I was in a pretty pastel cloud instead of just being at school. Nothing cheers me up more than feeling like cotton candy~ 

dreamy cloud photos that I wanted to look like~~~

I glued googly eyes all over a pair of tights and whenever I walked they made noises so I felt like Diamond Back from Luxury Comedy all day, which made me smile.

 I think pastels look especially great in the winter they stand out with the snow and make me feel frostyyyyyy, I am so happy I can wear pastels again!!! They just didn't work with the kelly green hair I had before the gray. 

 My socks are pink with little clouds on them, they represent my current headspace. I got them at H&M and they are for three year olds, and they miraculously fit my giant size 10 feet!!!
 Here is a close up of the googly eyes that are on my tights! They are reminiscent of Meadham Kirchhoff eyes to me c: There were a few eye casualties throughout the day but suprisingly they held together really well
 Here is a shot of my lavender cockroach earrings and my dollar store barrettes that break if you look at them c:

Also I got some really cute revlon nail polish with moons and stars!! GET IT MY HEAD IS IN SPACE YOU GUYSSSSSSS omgitissohardtowriterightnowimsosorry.

here are some shots from the music video for "Baby's on Fire" where pastel is masterfully used, and Yo-landi's makeup is amazing, it makes me wanna wear my silver lipstick (and also look like Yo-landi c: ).

Die Antwoord is genius as usual, you should watch the whole video (and all their other vids for that matter they are legitimate creative geniuses) I will put a link at the bottom. it is ~amazzinng~ plus the song is super fun to dance to and v catchy.

Also I want to do a shout out to Marlena, the queen of pastels (and also I think she coined the term "pastel puke" w her beautiful zine which is amazing)

I am going to go drink some orange juice and do all my homework and hope I really do not get any sicker bc I have so much to do this week :c


  1. omg this post is so stellar.looove your pastel outfit! the cloud photos and your nail polish are so on point. die antwoord rules!! babies on fire is def on e of the best music vids everr:)

  2. You are literally the cutest! your outfit is so sweet I love the collar and all the pastels, your hair is also amazing! I just followed :)