Sunday, October 19, 2014

oh my goodness!!!!

it has been so long!

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well school has started again and i will probably post more outfits because i also am taking a photography class so i have a nice camera + tripod ! a lot has happened heres a lil photo journal and some of my photography :*


here is me and my friend Bella- we were early and in the front so they took our photo !! c:

It was AMAZING I was in a trance of beautiful rap rave and insane mind melting visuals. We were front row for a lot of it here is what I mainly remember:

1. I still can't believe Yo-landi is real like omg
2. I saw two people from my school which was actually pretty cool to know there are fellow weirdos there
3. Ninja wore his boxers and did the zef side dance like two feet away from me
 4. I saw both of their asses
5. Sixteen Jones came out at the end and Ninja back flipped into the crowd right next to us and we touched him.

 I also got a tee- they were out of NINJE!

I also have been doing a lot of ~dreamy colorful~photography-another post will come w my photos some are on my tumblr though!

damn my outfits have been killer ima start taking more photos i promise :*

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