Monday, May 19, 2014

une femme est une femme

This look isn't very exciting, but my colors remind me of Godard films c:

dress: vintage lacoste, shoes: topshop, tights: target

LOOK AT THIS! I got it at goodwill for 7 dollars. 

I think it is pretty great for a 7 buck find. 

Also I got my Cherry Glazerr record! 

It is so qt!!! I am adding to my collection of colored vinyl they are so cute!! I have purple and yellow Mac Demarco records, a banana yellow syd barrett, and now this one! Also I got that lil kewpie doll at an antique store recently.


  1. This outfit is perfect and the coat is absolutely awesome! I love your blog a lot :)


  2. Just discovered your blog and you and your outfits are super cute! love this look <3